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Perennial kale cuttings – latest update

Perennial kale cuttings – latest news. Our waiting list is temporarily closed while we fulfil existing orders and replenish our stock plants

Because we have received an unprecedented number of order enquiries for perennial kale cuttings following mentions on Radio 4 and in the Guardian / Observer we are working on a strategy so we can fulfil orders and try and meet all requests in the coming years. Basically we have Taunton Deane perennial kale stock plants growing which we make stem cuttings from. Because of the increase in the demand, we are busy propagating more stock plants so we will have more in the future to ensure a steady supply. We don’t want anyone to miss out!

Perennial kale cuttings

Being an independent micro business we have limited resources so we thank you for your patience as this surge in interest has taken us a bit by surprise. Having said that we think it is absolutely brilliant that more and more people are being introduced to perennial vegetable plants and permaculture ideas. The perennial kale cuttings are worth the wait. Once you have a plant or two in your garden you will be able to propagate all your future plants yourself. Taunton Deane grows vigorously for about 5 years before slowing down and can reach 2m tall and up to 3m wide in some cases. You can trim them to keep them under control. They have delicious tender, nutty tasting leaves which can be harvested all year round. They have great resilience to pests too. They do occasionally flower but continue to grow even after flowering. One plant, when mature, is enough to feed a family of four pretty much all year round.

So here is the info you need:

Our waiting list for cuttings is temporarily closed while we fulfil existing orders: Due to the huge demand for this amazing and rare perennial kale our waiting list is temporarily closed. Please note we are not taking any more orders or requests to join our waiting list for these at the moment – this is so we can fulfil our current orders and replenish our stock to produce further high quality cuttings. We will have more available in the future and you are welcome to join our e-newsletter for updates and keep an eye on our shop too as they will be listed there when available. We have planted out lots more stock plants to supply future demand so please check in with us now and again. Thanks for your patience while we work hard in the field to bring you moreMandy at will be happy to help you with your enquiries.

Perennial kale cuttings: These are thick stems with a growing tip taken from one of our stock plants which can be potted up and will root easily within a few weeks in a sheltered/light space. Currently Taunton Deane is the main variety we produce cuttings from, but we do have others in the pipeline which will be advertised when ready.

Thank you
Mandy and Julien – The Incredible Vegetables Team

Perennial kale cuttings
Three types of perennial kales being propagated in the polytunnel.

“Thanks for everything, the info sheet was great. I planted the cuttings the day they arrived and have just multi sown the 9 star in seed trays. All very exciting, we’re now planning our perennial area.”

“You are right, perennial kale is fantastic! Thanks so much for the cuttings. I am a convert to having a corner of perpetual kale in the patch!”

“As the evening sun back lit the plants at Incredible Vegetables, I felt I was standing in one of the most important gardens of our time. Wildflowers working alongside an abundance of edimentals and perennial vegetables. A ‘food glade’ to rival the aesthetic of our greatest plant designers.”

– Jon Davies, garden designer, London Glades –

“I love your website and the work you’re doing. What you’re doing is exiting, useful, and one day will help to replace and enhance what human kind has damaged.With that our natural friends will return and we’ll be better for it.”

“Mandy, thank you. I am delighted with this plant – it is so strong and healthy and exceptionally well packaged – all done with loving care obviously. I shall look forward to having more plants from you.”

“Plants all arrived lovely and are growing well. I just wanted to say i was very impressed with the quality of the cuttings.. and its been a pleasure dealing with you. And I look forward to any purchases in the future.”

“The kale cuttings you sent survived the winter and are thriving. Thank you Mandy Barber you are the super hero of edibles, loving your work!!”

“I bought some Skirret seed’s off you last year. Well they grew and yesterday some got cooked and this message is just to say, they were delicious. Looking forward to a lot more next year. Thank you.”

“The Taunton Dean cuttings arrived a short while ago and never have I seen healthier looking cuttings! They are now firmly ensconced in some nice compost and are having a good drink. I even loved the packaging, which will be composted.”

“Hi I just wanted to let you know that I sowed half of my Caucasian spinach seeds and every single one grew, absolutely amazed, thanks for the seeds and keep up the good work.”

“Just to let you know that the lovely healthy looking plants arrived. Your plants are simply outstanding, every single tuber and plant are growing amazingly.”

“The plants arrived safely, I did not expect such magnificent specimens! I didn’t think I would be successful at stratification etc but I now have a whole bunch of Hablitzia seedlings sprouting after following your excellent advice.”

“Just to say, the Daubentons Kale is in the ground and looking well – thanks to the lovely damp compost encasing its roots…you do a good job at your end, I can tell by the way you package. Will be back for more of your wonderful perennials.”

“Thank you so much for all the vegetables, they really are incredible. I’m sure I’ve never before seen a healthier rootball than the one that arrived with our happy looking daubentons kale, and seeds and tubers are thriving thanks to all the useful information provided.”

“Thank you so much for sending such wonderful, healthy and very large plants. They are beautiful !! You packaged them so well and they arrived so quickly – I couldn’t get to the post office till the following day but they were absolutely fine. They’re now potted up and sitting in my ‘cold’ greenhouse while they adjust.”

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